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History of the Golf d'Ormesson

Golf d'Ormesson, a family affair

Le Golf d'Ormesson est reconnu comme un golf ancien et prestigieux
Le Golf d'Ormesson, aux portes de Paris est l'un des premiers parcours construits en France

Golf d’Ormesson is one of the very first golf courses to be built in France, by Count Wladimir d’Ormesson in 1925. It was then destroyed during the Second World War. Then the owners, André and Antonella d’Ormesson, asked the English architect C.K. Cotton to breathe new life into the site in 1965.

The golf club reopened in 1969 in a style that was very modern for the time. The couple placed great importance on the choice of trees and where they were planted. They were positioned to suit the undulating terrain and perspectives of the game, taking into account the seasons and the difficulty of the course. The d’Ormesson couple deliberately chose a 1960s style that will no doubt become a benchmark for “Les Trente Glorieuses” (1945-1975).

Aux portes de Paris, le Golf d'Ormesson attire de nombreux habitants de la région parisienne pour son cachet et la beauté de son parcours
Le Golf d'Ormesson, un golf familial en Île-de-France

The place has retained its charm and its character. The d’Ormesson family wanted to maintain the values of sport, togetherness and helping one another. This golf club has shared some special times and moments of friendship with its members, and will continue to do so. The family is still keen to make its members feel welcome, admire its great sportsmen and women, help its golfers achieve their goals and encourage beginners. Golf d’Ormesson has remained a family golf club, to the delight of its members.

The Golf d’Ormesson 18-hole golf course now attracts golfers from Île-de-France and other regions.

Since 1 January 2020, the estate has been part of the Open Golf Club network, with new strategic developments planned for the years to come.

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