Golf lessons and training camps for adults

Initiez vous au golf au Golf d'Ormesson, au coeur du domaine historique d'Ormesson proche de Paris

Individual and group golf lessons, golf clinics and golf introductory sessions for adults closed to Paris

The qualified golf instructors at Golf d’Ormesson offer different types of lessons: individual golf lessons, group golf lessons and course accompaniment.

Taking up golf, improving and perfecting your game

Les cours individuels de golf pour golfeurs enfants ou adultes, débutants ou confirmés au Golf d'Ormesson, à 15 minutes de Paris

Adult individual golf lessons

Individual golf lessons help you improve and perfect your game by focusing on your specific needs. This personalised approach will build your confidence and give you the right tools to meet your objectives.

Our prices Price
Initiation - 2 hours (min. 6 people/outside of Initiation Days) Price €20
Academy Golf Pass (12-month commitment) Price €1,460 or €125/month
Development package - 54 to 30 handicap (12-month commitment) Price €360 or €40/month
Performance package - 29 to 15 handicap (12-month commitment) Price €560 or €50/month
1 group lesson (outside of performance package) Price €20
Green card test (1 hr indiv. + 9H course) Price €159
Les stages de golf pour golfeurs adultes débutants et confirmés au Golf d'Ormesson, à 15 minutes de Paris

Adult golf clinics

The adult golf clinics at Golf d’Ormesson are suitable for all skill levels. The instructor will tailor the lessons to you and your game. This intensive golf clinic will help you make rapid progress. These clinics take place over 2 or 3 days.

The clinic includes:

  • 3 x 3 hours (min. 4 people)

Price: €199 pp

Journées découvertes d'initiation au Golf d'Ormesson à 15 minutes de Paris

Initiation Days by Open Golf Club

Golf d’Ormesson organises golf introductory sessions so you can discover the game. During these sessions, participants take part in three workshops:

  • Introduction to the equipment and driving range
  • How to get the ball in the hole over a short distance (mini golf)
  • Game with an actual golf hole

Next sessions: from 12 March to 4 April 2021

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